The smartest thing I ever did

Dinner every night

Dinner time in our house can get stressful. If we don’t have something started, or plans made, five o’clock rolls around quickly and we’re scrambling to think of and find ingredients for a meal, often while at least one child is in the fridge going “I’m hungrrrrryyyy!”. One day I came across freezer crockpot meal plans and we haven’t looked back!

My husband and I are in the middle of prepping our third batch of these freezer meals. We have made two others (from, and find they have made our lives so much easier. We actually start to get cranky about making dinner when we don`t have any more left (Ugh, dinner again!? We really need to make more of those freezer meals!).

These plans are pre-made with all the instructions, grocery lists and recipes ready to go!  And for around $150 in groceries (a little more here, since we are in Canada and can’t find all the ingredients for the same amounts or prices), we end up with 20 dinners ready to throw in the crock pot or oven!  They also make great lunches as they are easy to re-heat in the microwave the next day.

Now, what does this have to do with my work as a doula? Well, beyond them being super duper handy with a crazy on call schedule, I can tell you that the smartest thing I did when I was pregnant with our second child was to freeze a bunch of meals. Life is crazy busy and exhausting with a baby and trying to make a meal at the end of a long day of caring for your new bundle of joy is the last thing on your mind (but eating something while recovering from birth is essential!). Making a freezer full of meals before baby arrives ensures that you have a decent meal ready to go every day. And our family of four (two of whom are growing boys) often has leftovers enough for at least one lunch the next day or even a second dinner. So, truly these meals last us six to eight weeks. If you make up a couple of these plans you will be set for a few months!

Does the idea of making them yourself sound daunting? Make a party of it! Try adding them to your baby shower list, or even have a baby shower where your friends and family come over and help you prep these meals. You could also contact me and book some prenatal support hours to just come over and help you make some meals.

Either way, I guarantee that you won’t regret planning ahead for your mealtimes!

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