Orgasmic Birth – Audiobook review

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As a Birth Nerd, I love to learn about birth.  I like to read articles online, books, magazines – anything birth related I can get my hands on.  One of my new favourite things is podcasts and audiobooks.  These are great to listen to while cleaning, tidying or even driving around doing errands or going to meetings with clients.  For audiobooks, I have subscribed to and I have yet to be disappointed. (While audiobooks are great to listen to when you are busy at home cleaning or in the car driving, I will always love a good hard copy for reference).

My latest listen was Orgasmic Birth, written by Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro, and narrated by Aimee Jolson.

When I first heard of this book, it sounded to me like a “manual” type book, an instruction manual on how to have an Orgasmic Birth, as in actually orgasm during labour and birth.  I was interested in reading it one day, but it never became a priority.  Then, I was bummeling (boom-eh-ling, a term my family uses for “window shopping, wasting time”) around in the app on my phone, looking for birth related audiobooks when I found it, and decided now was a good time to try it!

The narration of this book was very well done.  It was a lot like listening to a friend discuss a topic they are passionate about, which was great.  The only issue I had was some of the pronunciation of birth specific words.  Episiotomy was pronounced Eh-PISST-ee-ah-toe-me.  That threw me off so badly the first few times that I had stopped listening to try to figure out what the narrator was saying.  Also VBAC is actually pronounced vee-back, not vee-bee-ay-see as done in the audiobook.  Other than that, it was easy to listen along and not get too lost.  The tone was very conversational, and not monotone or “instructional”.

As for content of the book, I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to check this book out.  I cannot wait to get my hands on a hard copy of this book to add to my reference library.  Like I said earlier, I had delayed reading this book due to concerns that it was a manual on how to achieve an orgasm during birth.  However, the book explains that they interpret “Orgasmic Birth” as any birth where the mother felt powerful, supported, and joyful, and not frightened or suffering.  It is filled with great, practical information on pregnancy, how to have a more mindful approach to pregnancy and birth, setting up your village of support, ideas on accepting, enhancing and maintaining intimacy (not just sex) with your partner and more.  Tips on nutrition, exercise, as well as mental preparation for birth and parenting.  Debra Pascali-Bonaro explains in detail the hormonal changes of each trimester of pregnancy and how they affect the pregnant woman, physically, emotionally and mentally.  There were also some great activities included to help prepare for birth that I can’t wait to share with my clients!

Then there are the birth stories.  There were some beautiful, inspiring birth stories in this book.  If you get this book for one reason, I hope it is to immerse yourself in the positive stories at the end of this book.

Altogether, this is a very well written, and well-read audiobook that I will recommend to my clients.  It will be making a debut in my lending library soon!

My overall recommendation: Highly Recommend – one of The Birth Nerd’s Top Picks!

If you are a client (or want to be) and are interested in this or other books in my lending library, please let me know!

Have you listened to audiobooks?  What is your favourite time to listen?