Bonding With Baby

Bonding with baby
Bonding with baby

There are many great ways to connect with baby that don’t involve needing a Doctor’s visit to listen to the heartbeat or see an ultrasound.

Many families spend time at home bonding with baby before they are born.

Your baby will come to know the voices of the people in their family as well as common noises around the home, including pets.  These sounds will soothe them once they are born.  Practicing one story or song is particularly beneficial.

Some other ideas of ways to bond with baby include:

– making a special time each day to relax and focus on baby’s movements (this is also helpful for getting to know what is normal for your baby)

– talking to baby as you go about your day

– touching your (or your partner’s) belly

– playing with baby by gently poking your belly

What are some of your favourite ways to connect with your baby?  What do/did you do to bond with your baby before birth?


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