My Bridge Theory of Doula Support

I want to talk about differing perceptions today.

My Bridge Theory of Doula Support
My Bridge Theory of Doula Support

Some people see this and get excited.  They think: “Wow!  How wonderful!  Look at that view!  Amazing!  I can’t wait to try!”.  They may feel a little scared or apprehensive, but are able to put aside those feelings, maybe with some common sense facts like: “It’s perfectly safe.  Thousands of people cross this bridge every year!”.  Maybe the excitement overpowers their fear.*

*(I don’t actually know, because no individuals were interviewed for this post).

So at least I think they do.

    I may never know because when I see that picture, all I see is this:


and there is NO amount of “common sense” and “facts” about supposed “safety” that will get me near that deathtrap bridge.  I think I can feel a panic attack coming on just thinking about it.

Now, let’s pretend that bridge is labour and birth.  Many doulas come to birth support because they feel a certain way about pregnancy and birth.  They often see it as an empowering experience.  That it may be tough, but it is also rewarding, if you are prepared and informed. 

     I have come to the understanding that different feelings and views about birth are much like the different reactions people have to these images.  My job as a professional birth support person is not to convince you to walk across the bridge by forcing information or opinions on you about what the journey could or should be; but to support YOU, however you need me.

If you and your partner are looking forward to your labour and birth, and just want someone who has supported others to walk with you, I can help you.

If you are apprehensive, but feel confident more information will help you prepare, I am there for you with my knowledge, experience, and resources.

If the thought of your labour and birth bring on fears and doubts, I will be your one constant and calm guide never leaving you feeling alone.

And, if you are like most others and have a mixture of all of these feelings, I understand that too.

As your doula, I will support, comfort, and guide you on your journey.  Not through my idea of what your journey should feel like, or be.

When we meet for our first prenatal visit, we will discuss your plans and wishes for your birth.  We can review any information you may want to have to help you prepare.  But our discussions will focus on your hopes, fears and ways I can support you and your partner.

So, when the big day comes, you can expect the most professional support that is focused on YOU, not your destination.