Birth Doula Services

A Birth Doula is a person who is trained and experienced in supporting a family through the birth process.  Hiring a doula gives you access to her vast knowledge and calm demeanor in a time of great uncertainty, which will allow you to enjoy the birth of your child. Many studies show that having a doula present lowers the rate of interventions in birth, while increasing a mothers satisfaction with the experience.

Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum Doula support is designed to help the family adjust to life with a baby.  Having an experienced professional who is trained in helping families bring baby home is very reassuring to my clients.  This allows them to better rest and recover while getting to know their new bundle of joy.  Postpartum services are a great addition to Birth Doula Services.

Additional Products/Services

From Birth Plan sessions to professional Belly Casting and more, The Birth Nerd also offers other services to support expecting families.

What about Dad?

Read more to learn about how a doula assists your partner to be the best support they can be.


Payment options include cash, cheque, e-mail transfer and Square credit and debit.  Gift Certificates are available!  Contact The Birth Nerd to request one today!