Birth Doula Services

What is a Birth Doula?

Doula Rebozo
Using a shawl as a comfort technique during labour.

A Birth Doula is a person who is trained and experienced in supporting a family through the birth process.  Being a doula is different from a midwife or nurse in that I do not offer any medical advice, or care for the mother and/or baby’s health (taking blood pressure, doing vaginal exams, etc).  I provide informational, emotional and physical support to the birthing couple during the birth process.

Families who choose to hire a doula find it reassuring to have the non-judgmental support of someone who is knowledgeable and experienced with this unpredictable event.  This helps take some of the stress of the unknown away and allows the couple to focus on the joy of the event, instead of worrying about if they are “doing it right”.

My services

Birth Doula Services

If you are considering hiring a doula, I encourage you to contact me- through my contact us page, by e-mail or by phone. We will then discuss availability and set up an interview so we can discuss your wishes, why you want to hire a doula and to ask any questions face to face!

Prenatally I will meet with you twice, the first time to go over and discuss in more detail your birth plan, previous pregnancies and experiences, as well as hopes and fears with this pregnancy. This opens discussion on things and gives me a better idea of your situation, personal preferences and personality. If there are things you would like more information on, this gives me a chance to answer specific questions or make notes of things you would like more information on.

The second meeting we go over in more detail things like when and how to contact me when you go into labour, and other details before the birth.

When you go into labour, I will keep in contact throughout early labour via phone until you are ready for me to join you.  I can then meet you and your partner either at your home if you are continuing to labour there, or at the hospital. Keeping in mind your wishes, I will offer suggestions for pain management through position changes, massage, hot/cold packs and counter pressure for back and hip pain. I can help with odd tasks such as filling drinks, getting blankets and warming heat packs. During pushing, I can help coach the mother with her breathing, as well as position changes and offering encouragement.

Immediately after the birth, I will remain with the family to assist with breastfeeding if desired. I will then allow the family some time to bond, making sure they are comfortable and that breastfeeding is going well before I leave.

I like to arrange a visit to review the birth within ten days postpartum.  We can discuss your experience, how you are coping and/or provide suggestions to other services if necessary.

Contact Amanda to set up a consultation about her Birth Doula services!