What About My Partner?

These days an expectant woman’s partner is expected to support the mother through labour and birth. This can put an enormous amount of pressure on them to understand the process, and make them feel like they need to know the answer to every ache or emotional milestone of labour. Partners find the role of the Doula invaluable, by allowing them to help the labouring mother at their own comfort level. Some partners are more than happy to be right in there massaging feet, helping the mother into different positions and coaching her every step of the way. The Doula can help these partners by offering suggestions for changes, switching off with massaging, or even simply re-heating packs. Others find they are better suited to simply being a comforting presence for their partner. They can be rest assured the Doula will take a more active role with the mother and still allow her to be continually cared for.

Regardless of how active the partner is the birth, the Doula can allow the partner to take breaks for food, sleep or to use the bathroom. If you are birthing at the hospital, your Doula knows all the routines and tricks like how to work the beds, where the birth balls are hidden and which rooms at the hospital have showers.