“What you do is amazing.  I am so glad you were there to help guide me through such a wonderful (crazy) experience.  Your support and techniques really helped me to get through.  I know for sure you are meant to be doing what you’re doing.”  Christina

“Very helpful for both of us, and would recommend this support!”   Wannop Family

“It was nice knowing I was going to have someone there with experience to support me. (I found) the materials Amanda found for me ahead of time, just having someone to give thoughts and tips on dealing with different things, preparing myself (helpful)”  Rhodes Family

“I absolutely loved Amanda Martin. When I moved to BC I searched for a doula that would be supportive, knowledgeable and reliable and I can say from experience that she was all of that and more. She is also super kind ( and even my dr said during the delivery how did you get the nicest doula in town!) She was amazing through the whole thing. In the early labor when I wanted to try stretching, and hula dancing and the ball, she was open minded and my helper through it all, in the middle , when we were walking super slow her and my husband kept me stable through the contractions so I could feel ok being out of my room. She let my husband take the lead during my shower time (which is what I wanted) but she was the right balance of respectful and attentive. Later as things intensified she knew just what to say and what to do and was really helpful. My husband says he was so glad we had her. If you want someone by your side to bring a calm and positive energy she is your girl, I have to say that during the caca hitting the fan last 10 mins where you think you can’t take it, is when she really surprises you with how good she really is, I was fortunate to have had her as my doula. The harder it is the more she shines as a superstar. For those who are unsure about whether to have a doula, it is worth it! And Amanda is a perfect 10!”  Busch Family


“Amanda,  We want to give our heartfelt thank you to you! To be able to have such great support on the most amazing day of our lives was incredible. You were comforting and played a very important role. You seemed to know when to step up and when to let us share an intimate moment. I know that (my husband) felt much more at ease having the added support. You were there for us even though it was your son’s birthday, and hope we didn’t upset his day too much! A doula is a wonderful addition to any birth team and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to a friend.”  The Dodds Family


“Here are some words to describe Amanda Martin: knowledgeable, loving, strong, generous, dedicated, caring, responsible, professional, humble and ‘down to earth’. This is a letter to confirm our great support of Amanda Martin, our Doula. Amanda is a dedicated and loving person who believes deeply in the importance of being a Doula and if we may say, being a good mother. We found these attributes to be extremely relevant to us as we entered into the latter months of our pregnancy. We needed a Doula because this was going to be our first child. We were nervous meeting her, because the birth process is such an intense and intimate process. We knew whom ever we chose would get to know us really well. We knew we would have to depend on her. We found Amanda very professional from the start. Amanda had lots of valuable information to share with us. She took into account the type of labor I wanted to have (natural) and provided both my husband and I with information to help make this possible. Amanda visited us a few times before the birth to show us different positions we could try to make labor more manageable, she explained in detail the pros and cons of medical interventions such as an epidural. It was very helpful, Amanda really helped to empower and make me feel like I could have my baby naturally if that is what I wanted.”  The Papp Family


“We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Amanda as our Doula. She was supportive, offered gentle suggestions and stayed by our side through over 24 hours of labor. We would recommend her to anyone having a child as she removed a lot of the fears, stress and concerns that come with child birth.”  The Glover Family